The Montessori philosophy encourages adults in the environment to follow the child.  By the very nature of traditional Montessori practices, we follow the children's interests and energy levels so this schedule below is approximate. Though our routine is established, the amount of time we spend on specific activities may vary from day to day.


Developing independence within a Montessori toddler classroom is a main focus. Children are allowed and encouraged to do most daily tasks for themselves, especially "care of self", such as dressing/undressing, putting on and taking off shoes and coats, cleaning up their own work, eating and toileting.  It is amazing to see what they can do for themselves when given the opportunity!  Circle time is a time for the children to come together as a group.  We practice sitting still (keeping our hands and bodies under control), listening and singing songs, dancing and building vocabulary.  The children really enjoy this time and love to participate in music, movement, stories and song.


8:45-9:00:  The children arrive, say goodbye to their parents, enter the classroom and greet their teacher and friends.

8:45-10:30:  Child-directed work cycle designed to help the child become familiar with surroundings and a deeper awareness of self.  Children are free to choose activities from the prepared environment.  During this period the child is introduced to everyday activities that promote self-esteem, independence while helping to establish community.  Lessons are presented to individuals or small groups. The work period includes social skills, toileting, language development, snack prep, care of self, care for the environment and clean up.

10:30-10:50:  During outside time, children have the opportunity to stretch, flex, and exercise on the various types of age-appropriate play equipment that we have to offer as well as take nature walks and care for the outside environment.

10:50-11:10:  Children will be served a group snack.  Snack time promotes care of self, social interaction as well an introduction to healthy eating.

11:10-11:30:  Groups activities (variety of movement, music/song, story time and lessons). 

11:30-11:40:  Children prepare to go home.
11:45-12:00:  Dismissal.