"The secret of good teaching is to regard the child's intelligence as a fertile field in which seeds may be sown, to grow under the heat of flaming imagination."

- Dr. Maria Montessori



A summer program is also offered for enrolled primary and elementary students their siblings, alumni, rising primary students and children from other Montessori schools.  Each session revolves around a theme.  Concepts are explored through daily science experiments, art projects, cooking and outdoor activities.  An extensive variety of activities will span the weeks of the program.  The daily routines and work time of the school year will continue and the children will have the opportunity to receive lessons and progress through the classroom materials.

Our summer program features a wide range of flexible scheduling options to suit each family's unique needs, including:  

  • The choice of number of weeks to attend, from one to seven
  • Half day program (9 am to 12:30 pm) or full day (9 am to 5:30 pm) options
  • Before care beginning at 8 am available each day

We strive to inspire, challenge and excite students as they explore their talents, develop new friendships, or simply adjust to a new classroom.  Our camps include something for everybody!

This summer, our Primary world explorers will enjoy exploring a different continent each week from the perspective of the children who live there.  We will discover the foods the children eat, the clothes they wear and what they do each day.  Incorporating math, science, language and art concepts, we will explore the countries in each continent.  The schedule for our day will be the same as the school year with work time, outdoor time, lunch and dismissal.  The children will have the full range of Montessori materials available within the classroom and may also choose to work with activities in an outdoor area during the morning work cycle.  Each Friday we will prepare our lunch making foods that are eaten in the continent we are exploring.  Join us for one or all seven weeks!  June 15-August 7.  There is no camp the week of June 29th.


Elementary students can participate in one or all of the following sessions:

  • First Bytes with Mr. Wray from June 22-26. Students will learn about the history of computing and computer science from Napier's bones to vacuum tubes to the modern microprocessor.  From Babbage to Hopper to Jobs, we will review evolving machines and the people behind them. Students will be introduced to the building blocks of modern computers: the binary number system, logic gates, and boolean logic. We will learn about computer programming, "coding", and explore the basic concepts while learning different "languages". Finally, we will apply all this knowledge by programming within a game they already love, Minecraft!  

  • Mathlympics with Mr. Isaac from July 13-17.  We will be exploring math concepts ranging from number patterns and estimation to geometry and the metric system. Throughout the week students will focus on core concepts and nomenclature leading up to a fun filled Mathlympic competition on Friday. 

  • Science Matters with Mr. Isaac from  July 20 - 24.  We will explore the scientific background of our everyday world. Join us and learn about a variety of amazing scientists and engineers that have given the world a range of mind-blowing and delicious creations. Everything from elements to baking secrets, root beer brewing and wild experimentations will be explored throughout this week long session.  

  • From Garden Plot to Tabletop with Natasha from July 27 - August 7.  We will explore the process of farming and food production.  By growing, harvesting and cooking the food that we grow in our own school gardens and drawing upon our  language, math and science skills to research and prepare basic recipes, we will be learning important agricultural and culinary concepts.  We will spend each day from 9 until 12:30 in both our indoor and outdoor classrooms using ingredients that we harvest from our WEMS vegetable gardens to create fresh meals and snacks. Students will also have the opportunity to learn how to cook items that they can recreate at home.   We will explore basic botany lessons such as the parts of the plant, fruit, flower, and seed dissections. We will also learn about measurement and how to properly measure liquids and solids in cooking. Students will create their own recipe books as well as herb jars to take home.  Students will have the opportunity to visit a Farmerís Market and a working farm to learn about the economics and strategies of food production. Please send lunch with your child Monday through Thursday.  Students will prepare their own daily snack, and cook and share lunch on Fridays.  Join us for one or both weeks.  

2015 Dates 

*Week 1:  June 15-19
 Week 2:  June 22-26
*Week 3:  July 6-10
 Week 4:  July 13-17

 Week 5:  July 20-24

 Week 6:  July 27-31

 Week 7:  August 3-7


*Primary in Session Only

  Please note:  Only the weeks and times that have adequate enrollment will run.

  5% Early Bird Discount for paid registrations received by April 1.

  Students attending all primary or all elementary weeks receive a 10% discount.

  Younger siblings receive a 2% discount.