"It is necessary for the teacher to guide the child without letting him feel her presence too much, so that she may always be ready to supply the desired help, but may never be the obstacle between the child and his experience."


 -Dr. Maria Montessori



West End Montessori School serve children ages 12 months through 6th grade.   We believe in developing your child's thinking skills, teaching your child how to be compassionate, responsible, respectful and self-motivated while sparking your child's interests and providing him/her with applied learning experiences.


Reaching fullest potential comes from our carefully orchestrated Montessori program.  As children progress through the levels, their growth is exponential.  Each year concretely, logically, and consistently builds on lessons learned in previous years.  Your child receives the full benefit of a Montessori education by completing all levels of our program.


Music and Language are also an integral part of our program.  During the course of the year, we attend several field trips that supplement our units of study.  We also offer other programs to meet the diverse needs and interests of our student population.