"The first duty of an education is to stir up life, but leave it free to develop."


 - Dr. Maria Montessori



All early childhood and Elementary students receive Spanish instruction.  Our Spanish curriculum was developed in-house based on Montessori materials familiar to the children and taps into their natural ability to learn language.  Children are taught through all their senses to associate concrete objects to language and connect previous knowledge with new vocabulary.


The objective of this curriculum for early childhood students is to expose them to another culture and language, to build their confidence in learning a foreign language and to teach them some basic Spanish words and phrases.  The Elementary class works toward becoming conversational in real life settings such as restaurant outings and in plays they put on for the school.  The curriculum is divided into sets of lessons.  Each set has a theme that integrates with other activities in the classroom.  Providing relevant lessons creates more opportunities to practice and is more motivating.


Lessons are designed to be introduced on a weekly basis, during group time and supported by the use of the new words and phrases throughout the week and by materials on the shelves.  From the beginning, the use of English is kept to a minimum.  As the weeks progress, less and less English is used, until all instruction is done in Spanish.

By teaching to the whole child through the senses, the language makes a lasting positive impression.  The results are that the child remembers what he has learned and is then encouraged to continue learning.

Spanish is taught by Jazmin Torres.