WEMS hosts several programs that are available to early childhood and elementary students for an additional charge.

  • Guitar, Piano and Violin lessons

    • Students have the opportunity to study piano or guitar at school during the instructional day.  These lessons are offered by Dr. David Esleck, faculty member at the University of Richmond and elementary music teacher at WEMS.

  • Chess Club

    • Championship Chess presents a systematic, fun way to build chess skills during chess instruction and while students play. Studies show that chess improves math, reading and problem-solving and our methods connect these academic benefits to our classes. Classes include instruction as well as chess play and guided analysis. 

  • Technology

    • WEMS alumn dad and TechEm Studios owner Wray Mills, teaches a technology discusssion and workshop for grades 3-6 covering hands-on fundamentals of web application development, including an introduction to HMTL/CSS, basic programming for data entry and retrieval and an introduction to databases.