Cultural Studies at the Early Childhood level includes Geography, History and Science.  Through the use of language, especially oral language, and concrete, sensorial learning experiences the child identifies the elements of his world.  He is preparing to understand his relationship to all aspects of the Earth.  The natural laws of science help the young child to find order and logical pattern in his environment.  The study of properties of matter, natural cycles and classification of plants and animals provide information and methods for the child to use in his mental organization of the world around him.  The goal of the Cultural Studies is to help the child begin to understand and appreciate her role as a citizen of the Earth.  Our planet is presented as a beautiful home to diverse people, plants and animals.  Respect and appreciation for different cultures and their customs is established early in the child's life on order to prevent the development of prejudice and fear.  The child begins to recognize the concepts of past, present and future and to envision his place in history.  He develops a relationship to the planet and begins to comprehend his role as a steward and peace keeper.