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"The work of education is divided between the teacher and the environment."


    -Dr. Maria Montessori



The two year program is designed for continuous support, guidance and coaching throughout the academic and practicum phases.



The theory, teaching method and program curriculum instruction begins with an intensive summer session structured to provide the Adult Learner with foundational knowledge prior to the first year of student teaching.  The weekend seminars during the two years complete the curriculum and teaching method instruction.  The academic assignments are due over the course of the two year program which integrates the theory with the intern's classroom experiences.


One-Year Option

The adult learner has the option to complete the academic program in one full year and have the continued support of VCMS during the second year as first year teacher.  The adult learner who is certified in one-year will be eligible to participate in the second year seminars and continue to receive coaching and support from VCMS as a first year teacher. 



The internship/student teaching experience follows the summer academic phase of the training program and covers the full academic school years. 


The adult learner has several options to fulfill the internship practicum requirements.  The Intern may serve an unpaid internship, may be employed as an intern/assistant, or may be employed as a self-directed intern/ teacher.  Self-Directed internships are approved for the first year practicum if the adult learner and the employing school are approved by VCMS


VCMS admits students and hires staff of any race, religion, national or ethnic origin.  VCMS does not discriminate on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin or any other protected class in employment or administration of its educational policies.