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July 23 and 24, 2013

9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. both days

(with one hour lunch on your own)


Introduction to the Montessori Method

Tuesday, July 23rd – Morning Session

This workshop is designed to familiarize assistant teachers

with the basics of the Montessori Method. The developmental characteristics of the child, sensitive periods, planes of development, and prepared environment will be explained.


The Adult's Role in the Montessori Classroom

Tuesday, July 23rd – Afternoon Session

Breakout groups for toddler and early childhood

The Montessori adult is the dynamic link between the child and the environment. This session will focus on the toddler and early childhood classroom environments and the role of the adult.  The environmental design, care of the classroom, and support for the children's developing independence will be presented.


Introduction to the Montessori Curriculum Areas

Wednesday, July 24th – Morning Session

Breakout groups for toddler and early childhood

A basic understanding of the Montessori curriculum is necessary for assistants. This session begins with a brief overview of the developmental purpose of the curriculums areas. Presentation of the Montessori lessons are directed by a Montessori certified teacher, but the assistant needs an understanding of the purpose and how the materials are used.  This session will include an opportunity to explore basic materials, and learn how to assist the children with appropriate use and restoration of Montessori materials.


Establishing a Partnership between the Teacher and Assistant

in an Atmosphere of Kindness and Respect

Wednesday, July 24th – Afternoon Session

Establishing a cooperative relationship between the teacher and assistant will be presented.  Understanding each others' styles, expectations and needs will help the prepared environment run smoothly. Using respectful language, helping children navigate social situations, promoting grace, courtesy, and peace will also be discussed.


Presenters:  Vickie Turnamian & Michele Mohar

Cost:  $200