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Virginia Center for Montessori Studies



AMS Early Childhood

Teacher Certification ProgramS


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The Mission of the Virginia Center for Montessori Studies (VCMS) is to prepare adults pursuing a Montessori certification to facilitate in children a sense of self-confidence that encourages inquisitiveness, initiative, independence, and a joy in learning. We foster the development of caring, respectful individuals, who will have a positive influence on the world.







Virginia Center for Montessori Studies (VCMS) is founded upon Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy of human development and education.  VCMS offers two Montessori adult education programs which lead to either the American Montessori Society teacher certification at the Infant Toddler level – birth to age 3, or the Early Childhood level – ages 2 ½ through 6 years.


VCMS is a Montessori teacher certification program dedicated to preparing adult learners as Montessori professionals.  The program is designed to support, coach and guide the adult learner through the academic and practicum phases during this period. The Early Childhood program is a two-year program that can be accelerated to be completed in one year.  The Infant Toddler Program is a one year program.  Please contact VCMS for details.


We believe that Montessori Adult Education:

·         Provides the highest quality application of Montessori philosophy

·         Encourages an exceptionally high level of intellectual excellence

·         Facilitates exploration and growth

·         Provides opportunities to learn through a practical, discover-oriented approach

·         Maintains the integrity and dignity of the adult learner

We look forward to being part of your Montessori journey.


Mary MacIntosh and Michele Mohar, Directors