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"The training of the teacher who is to help life is something far more than the learning of ideas. It includes the training of character; it is a preparation of the spirit."

 -Dr. Maria Montessori






A dynamic community of experienced Montessori teachers make up our core faculty.  Accomplished instructors, they use their real-world skills and thorough understanding of Montessori philosophy to help students develop effective teaching strategies.  Additional instructors from a variety of fields use their expertise to support this staff in presenting the full complement of skills necessary to the early childhood Montessori teacher.



Mary Freed

Peace Education, Children�s Literature

Janet Gallagher

Classroom Leadership

Ryan Hansen

Child Development

Heather Heisig

Language, Science

Mary MacIntosh

Observation, Theory, Classroom Leadership

Corrine Matthes

Music, Movement

Michele Mohar

Math, History, Geography, Practicum Director, Classroom Leadership

Castle O�Neill

Sensorial, Classroom Leadership, Writing Workshop

Caroline Peani

Material Making

Anne Stackhouse


Vickie Turnamian

Practical Life